Online VR factory inspection in as little as 5 minutes.
Real-time broadcast from home and abroad!

Remote inspection of production processes 18,000km away,
no passport required!

What is online VR factory inspection?

This service allows you to conduct factory inspections online and remotely.
Using VR technology, you can inspect work as if you were on site.


Why should you use NEWJI VR?

high resolution


It uses a professional 360° camera, so even if it's the same 4K, the picture quality isn't same!

Selectable viewing modes


Get the whole picture in 4K 360° mode, and see the details in HD close-up mode!

you can inspect in as little as 5 minutes


After assembling the equipment, simply log in to the dedicated app to start distribution.

Low price


Cost-effectiveness is such that you can use it about 10 times for one real business trip!※According to our research.

Internal and external collaboration


You can safely and easily invite members from inside and outside the company with a one-time account!

Secure system


All communications, including video, are encrypted, so you can use it without worry

Use cases


Quality Audits

Quality audits, which need to be conducted on a regular basis, are often uncovered only after a visit to the site.


Confirmation of process

It is necessary to understand the site in order to reduce quality variations, such as production line leads and equipment conditions. Without knowing the product process, it is impossible to judge whether it is good or bad.


Pre-Shipment Inspection

It is the last step on the field side to accept good products. The most important thing is to not allow non-conforming products to be shipped.


Primary evaluation

Evaluate the supplier legitimately to determine if a continued business relationship is possible. It is necessary to check on site for any discrepancies with prior information.


Public Relations and Marketing

It can also be used to show your showroom or your own factory to customers.



We are able to provide the same level of education by having our staff around the world see the technology and know-how we possess both domestically and internationally.

How to use NEWJI VR

360° mode + Close-up mode

360度モード 360度モード

Click on the image to experience viewing in 360° mode.
You can move your mouse to check the direction you want to see 360 degrees at your will.

*Some browsers and environments, such as Internet Exproler, may not allow viewing.

*Smartphones may not allow viewing.
Please try with a PC browser.

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This is a demo experience that allows you to check out the following four points online while you are at work.*VR HMD is station only.

【Online demo factory inspection / reference image】

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